People Who Keep Linux Going

The quite renowned software developer Yitao Li uses Linux device to create all the projects in this GitHub depository. As stated by him not all the projects are specifically for Linux but still he uses Linux for everything. Some of the services he opts for by means of Linux are coding or scripting, web hosting, web browsing, any cloud-oriented subject matter, modification of the rules of the IP table, sending as well as receiving emails which are PGP signed, flashing OpenWrt icon into the routers. The services also includes running one edition of Linux core while compiling any other version of Linux at the same time and apart from all these technical stuff doing research which also includes doing the homework.

From all of his projects which is present in his storehouse the favorite of Yitao Li is one of his school projects which was developed by the computer programming language C++. This project was all about understanding the libpthread along with the libfuse so as to correctly implement distributing locking system which is PAXOS-based in nature which includes key-value facility and these two combined together to give out a distributed file structure. Yitao Li did this project using a series of test scripts on machines which are both multi-core and single-core.

According to Yitao Li people can learn about the system of the distributed consensus set of rules by putting into action the PAXOS protocol in the most correct way as known by him so as to see that by executing this procedure it will succeed all the tests. And once a person succeeds in implementing the PAXOS rules then he can develop a distributed file system in no time which is used in several other projects dealing with computer programming.

At the mere age of sixteen years Yitao Li started using virtual servers to do his each and every project by downloading it from this website which came with various tips and tricks of using Linux. Though Li accepts the fact that Linux is pretty easy for hackers to crack it open still he does not simply understand the reason to stop using Linux. Plus he also understands that at the age of sixteen the prefrontal cortex of a human brain becomes pretty developed. He provides constant support to the Linux community by sharing his knowledge in the websites such as Wikipedia and write on forums on various aspects of Linux.